mATHENA aims to inform and provide persons with disabilities, their facilitators as well as the professionals of the domain, with the available freeware Assistive Technology (AT) applications for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). mATHENA is complimentary to the ATHENA Free AT Software Inventory for computers.

The AT software applications provided in mATHENA are presented in an organized and systematic way after they have been installed and tested in the Speech and Accessibility Laboratory, University of Athens. For each free AT software, the following information is given: application name, developer, version, AT category(ies), related disability(ies), description, operating system(s), installation procedure, settings and hints, download links, and a screenshot.

There are three ways to browse mATHENA:

  •  Browse by Disability: Lists the related applications based on the chosen disability (Speech, Hearing, Motor, Blindness and Low Vision).
  • Lists the applications by the operating system of the device that uses it (Android, iOS).
  • Browse by Category: Lists the applications by type of AT software category.
  • Show All Applications: Lists the whole inventory's applications in an alphabetical order.

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